OpenDoor is a community of believers who have a passionate desire

to provide a welcoming place where you can personally 

Experience Real Life in Jesus Christ.

OpenDoor is not just our name, it’s a description of whom we strive to be.








how it all began:


OpenDoor began in 1995 as a food outreach to the poor. From the back of their pickup truck, our founding pastors, Troy and Leanna Brewer, delivering food and the love of Jesus to isolated elderly and hurting people demonstrated the heart of Jesus in feeding the hungry. They saw many surrender their hearts to the Lord from a simple act of love.


They quickly realized the need to provide a place to disciple the people they were reaching - thus the church was born in 1995.


Today, OpenDoor Foodbank gives away millions of pounds of food every year to the hurting in our area.


Since 1995 OpenDoor worked hard to demonstrate Jesus through preaching the gospel and building a community of like-hearted people here locally and throughout the world.


In June 2013, founding pastor of a local church, Pastor Gloria Gillaspie, retired and entrusted her church to us. In one amazing God moment, OpenDoor inherited a whole new congregation along with a wonderful facility that can seat 1000 people.


We are thankful for the legacy of Lighthouse Church and the groundwork that was laid for the work the Lord is doing today.





“Experience Real Life”


  • EXPERIENCE: Create an atmosphere that is safe, casual and loving with the goal of preparing a place for all who enter to experience Jesus in a personal way.


  • REAL: Jesus loves you, the real you. We desire to be real before Him and allow Him to transform us into His image.  


  • LIFE: As freedom fanatics and hope zealots, we celebrate all things life. There is life in Jesus so there is life in us; we pray we demonstrate that in all we do.

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412 Students | 6:30 PM


301 South Dobson

Burleson, Texas 76028